Killing Characters: The Imaginary Circle of Life

Killing characters can be difficult. It’s hard to get the emotion just right to make your readers cry, rejoice, or want to punch something. It can also be a little hard to kill the characters you’ve grown attached to, but alas, the imaginary circle of life must persist. This will be a list of tips,... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block: The Monster Under Our Beds

Writer’s block is like the monster under our beds when we were kids--it only exists if we believe it does. I used to be scared of the big, bad writer’s block hiding under my bed, but eventually I have come to realize it isn’t real. Getting stuck in writing is inevitable. Nobody can know what... Continue Reading →

Using Word-count

It took me awhile to even start tracking my word-count. I heard writers talking about it online, but never saw the point; there was a page-count at the bottom of my screen. What was the point in word-count? Why did all the writers use it?  I did some research and now find it hard to... Continue Reading →

Finding Time To Write

I’ve noticed that many people say they never have time to write. It can feel that way at times. However, it’s not true 99% of the time. There is always time, but you have to look for it. Writing has to become your priority. Is your favourite T.V. show more important than an hour’s worth... Continue Reading →

Why I Started This Blog

I have been writing for five years. When I started at eleven years old, I still had much to learn. Blogs and Vlogs have helped me learn and grow as a writer, and I hope this blog will do the same for someone else.

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