Why I Started This Blog


I started writing about five years ago. I was eleven years old and not very good. Still, I kept writing because I loved it. By the time I had turned thirteen, I had finished the first draft (not that I new there should be multiple drafts at that time) of my book. It was a major accomplishment for me, but even I could tell it wasn’t ready to go out into the world. I decided to hold off publication, and do some “light” revision to work out the couple problems I had noticed.

As I was revising, I began reading blog posts and articles, and watching vlogs that gave writing advice. The more I learned, the more I realized I needed to revise. I learned about things I hadn’t known existed, such as beta testing, character profiles, developmental editing, and outlining. I learned about cliches (which I had many of), story structure, making natural sounding dialogue, and almost everything else I know about writing through the internet.

I made huge changes to my original story, changes that I am proud of. I will never stop trying to learn more about writing, but I have finally reached a point where I feel confident in my skills as a writer. Now, sixteen, I am about to start the beta testing phase for my novel, and hope to be entering the professional edit stage in a few months. I have no English degrees (only a couple high-school credits) and limited connections to other authors. It was through the help of bloggers and vloggers that I got where I am today.

I feel it only right that after other blogs helped me grow so much as a writer, that I should do my best to help new writers by making my own. I want to share the things I have learned, both online and through trial and error. I intend to fill this blog with writing tips and advice that I hope will help other writers learn and grow as I have (and continue to).

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