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This week I’m re-sharing an older post of mine, because I’ve been asked about it quite a bit recently. Hope you all find this helpful!

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It can be hard to be a writer in your teens, but you can’t let your age limit you. You will have some challenges most writers don’t have. You will also have some advantages, too. This is some advice based on the lessons I’ve learned as a teenaged writer. 

Be Your Own Motivation

Not only as a teenaged writer, but as any writer, you’re going to have to learn to motivate yourself. You can’t count on friends and family to give you the motivation you need to write. For starters, writing is something you, and only you, can make yourself do. You have to write because even though it’s hard, you love it.  Second, not everybody is going to be supportive or take your writing seriously. Some people will say you are wasting your time. Some people will consider it a ‘hobby’. You have to learn to ignore them and…

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My Top 5 Favourite Tropes in Fiction

There are some tropes I just never get tired of! This is a list of the five tropes in fiction that I personally love, so let's get started! #5: The Reluctant Hero/ Anti-Hero I like this one a lot, particularly because the characters often seem rounder. You don't get the pure, "good-two-shoes" stock hero with... Continue Reading →

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