Writing Rituals (A Tag)

Hey everybody! Today I will be doing a writing tag that I really liked--It was started by Mandi Lynn and Kim Chance. We'll be talking about different writing rituals today, so let's dive right in! When do you write? I write whenever possible. Sometimes I'll write for a half hour if I have time in... Continue Reading →

I’m Publishing My Book! OUTLIERS Q & A

Hey, everybody! As many of you probably know, I'm publishing my novel, Outliers this summer! Today, I'm excited to answer a lot of the question people have been asking me about Outliers, so let's get to it! What is Outliers About? Outliers follows a teenage girl named Renee, as she and her friends are forced into hiding by the Takers. The... Continue Reading →

My Top Five Disliked Tropes In Fiction

A little while ago I talked about my favourite tropes in fiction, and now it's time to talk about my least favourites! These are tropes I personally dislike, though I won't say that any trope should be avoided no matter what--it really depends on how it's done. So, with that in mind, let's get started!... Continue Reading →

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