I’m Publishing My Book! OUTLIERS Q & A

Hey, everybody! As many of you probably know, I’m publishing my novel, Outliers this summer! Today, I’m excited to answer a lot of the question people have been asking me about Outliers, so let’s get to it!

What is Outliers About?

Outliers follows a teenage girl named Renee, as she and her friends are forced into hiding by the Takers. The night the Takers came ripped her family and life as she knew it away, all because of the special abilities that she, her brother, and her friends had. And she lives on Mozaan, where the remaining human population lives domed above Earth–known by all as a desolate wasteland–and surviving under the government’s radar is a near impossible task.

Renee and her friends struggle to keep themselves hidden and survive for as long as they can, but she knows they won’t be able to hide forever. What Renee doesn’t know, is that new discoveries about Mozaan, Earth, and herself are lurking just around the corner.

Who Should Read Outliers?

Everybody! No, just kidding. Outliers is a Young Adult Science Fiction/Dystopian Novel, and does feature some mature content. There are no sexual scenes, however there is some graphic violence, and also mature themes such as mental health issues. I’d say a mature 14 year old should be okay to read it, but if you’re very squeamish with violence or are easily triggered by reading about mental health, this may not be the book for you. If you are able to watch Doctor Who or the 100, you should be totally fine.

What Would You Compare Outliers to?

My Beta Readers compared it most to the Gifted and the 100.

Is Outliers a Stand-Alone Book?

No, Outliers is the first book in the trilogy.

Can I Know Some More About Renee?

Sure! Renee Stryker is the main character. She is fifteen when the book begins, and seventeen by the end. She was raised in a decently wealthy area of Mozaan, designed to be as intellectually and physically perfect as possible, like most kids are. Now, the future seems bleak, stuck in the slums of Mozaan, and any dreams she had of a normal, happy life are gone. All thanks to the Takers. She is forced to learn what surviving for her and her friends really means, and it doesn’t always give her any good choices to make. With her family gone, her number one priority is keeping her friends safe, and she will go to any lengths to ensure that they are.

She’s had the strange ability to read minds and send telepathic messages since she was eight, which definitely comes in handy sometimes. She also has the power of sarcasm on her side, and that can’t hurt.

When Can I Buy It?

It will be coming out late this summer, but stay tuned, because I will have the official release day coming soon!


Where Can I Find Out More?

You can stay updated on Outliers by clicking “follow” on this blog! You can also follow me on social media:

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Or email me at smpearceauthor@gmail.com.

There are some more announcements coming, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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With all of this in mind, go out and write your masterpiece!





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