That's right! OUTLIERS is finally available for pre-sale! You will be able to pre-order on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and more! To celebrate, I'm doing another giveaway--and if you haven't entered already, my cover reveal giveaway is going on until the launch on August 25! This time around, when you pre-buy OUTLIERS you can win one... Continue Reading →

How to Pick an Editor

After you've worked with beta readers, self-edited, and done the best you can with your manuscript, it's time to get a professional to help you. Editing is a tough, undesirable process, but one we must all go through if we want our books to be the best they can be. Choosing a good editor can... Continue Reading →

How to Pick a Cover Designer

Hey, everybody! On Tuesday I did the exciting cover reveal for OUTLIERS, so today we're talking about cover designers! This will mostly apply to self-publishers, as traditional publishers will design a cover for you. Let's get to it! Do You Really Need to Hire Somebody? YES. Unless you are a professional graphic designer and understand... Continue Reading →

Finding Time To Write

I’ve been asked a lot now that I’m about to publish Outliers, how I managed to write a book so young. So, today I’m sharing an older post about how I find time to write–I hope it can help some of you out!

Brain Clutter Blogs

I’ve noticed that many people say they never have time to write. It can feel that way at times. However, it’s not true 99% of the time. There is always time, but you have to look for it. Writing has to become your priority. Is your favourite T.V. show more important than an hour’s worth of writing time? Are you doing a million other things in a night, like work, school, cleaning, and walking your dog, that you feel you can’t cut out? That’s because you have made them habits, priorities in your life. If you are serious about writing, it has to be a priority, too. If you make the decision to find time to write, then you will.

There may not be an overwhelming amount of time you can write, but use whatever time you have. Try to write every day, if only a small amount. Progress, no…

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