Hey, everybody! Now that OUTLIERS is getting so close to its release, I figured it’s time you get better introduced to the main characters! I’ll be telling you a bit about the three, and including teaser quotes for each!


You guys already know Renee a bit from the Q & A! Renee is the protagonist in OUTLIERS. She can read minds and send telepathic messages, though she gives her friends their privacy. She’s protective, a quick-thinker, and pushes herself as hard as she can.

She used to live a comfortable life on Mozaan, dreaming of a career in marine biology, but now she just has nightmares. Since the night the Takers came and ripped apart her family, a happy, normal life seems impossible. Now, she only hopes that she can keep her friends Ariana and Xavier safe, and will do anything it takes to protect them.


We'll just have to think fast then, eh_ I tried to sound confident, and I thought I did an alright job.In reality, my hands shook against the fabric of my blanket. I had to do something.



Xavier’s fire-y ability matches his fiery nature. He’s quite the risk-taker, and can be a bit hot-headed at times. Despite that, he always seems to be able to lighten up a mood. He never stops fighting for the people and things he cares about, even when it appears hopeless.

He loves art and chemistry, but never had much hope of an amazing career on Mozaan due to the fact that he wasn’t designed very much (everybody successful had near-perfect genetic engineering). His mom struggled to pay the bills, and he had to do a lot for himself growing up–experiences that make life in Mozaan’s slums a bit less challenging for him.

The two things he hates most in the world, in order, are the Takers and the cold. He wants desperately to bring the Takers down, and it kills him that he can’t do anything to stop them. Revenge is definitely on his mind.


“It's what we've been waiting for,” Xavier said. He looked at Ariana, then his dark eyes bore into mine. They flamed with determination. “This is how we get back at the Takers.”



Ariana is able to create force-fields with her hands, which is just as well, because she isn’t exactly the type for attacking. Ariana is compassionate, and always tries to be optimistic, but she can get a bit emotional at times, too.

Ariana’s family had always been awful to her, and eventually they threw her out. She had lived with Renee’s family for about a year before the Takers took that away from her, too. Since she was little she’s wanted to be a doctor, to help people, but even she is having trouble seeing a bright future now.

As nice as Ariana usually is, she feels very strongly about fashion and sleep. Trying to get in her way for either is not an easy thing to do. Serious injury or lateness for school may occur.


Ariana was still leaning against the faded blue wall. Her head was dropped down, and snores shook her body.“So much for shifts,” I mumbled, sitting up.

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