My 5 Favourite Parts of the Writing Process

Hey, everybody! Now that OUTLIERS is out, I wanted to share my top five favourite parts of the writing process! These are in no particular order—let’s get started!

#1: Outlining

Yes, yes, I know. Cue the gasps of shock and disbelief. But, I actually love outlining. It really gets me excited about all my ideas and characters, and lets me get them all down in a short time. I do really detailed outlines, and I don’t limit my creativity with them. If I have a nice dialogue idea, a good description, anything I’m excited about or want to remember for the story: it goes in the outline.

#2: The Breaking Point

This is probably my favourite part of the story to write. What can I say? I don’t like my characters to be happy. I like writing the intense and emotional moments for my characters, and the breaking point is the perfect place for that.

#3: Finishing Draft One

This was a great feeling. Perhaps out of sheer, delusional hope that editing wasn’t “that hard”, but nevertheless, great. It felt so good to finally be “done” the story, to have actually completed what I had been working towards so long.  It was exciting to say the least, and gave an awesome feeling of accomplishment.

#4: Character Development

Perhaps this goes in hand with outlining, but I loved creating and then further emphasizing the development of my characters, especially Renee. So much of the meaning of a story relies on how the characters change and grow. Characters make the story have purpose, so I really liked to spend the time creating the arcs  for mine.

#5: One Specific Moment in Editing

Most of editing was agonizing, awful, and left me questioning existence. But, there was a short time that was fantastic when I was editing. This was after I’d received my edits, and had to think of new ideas to solve problems or give more information. I got really excited about some of the ideas I had, and it was refreshing to add some new ideas and structure to the story. It got me very motivated to finished, and gave me enough energy to push through the less fun parts.

What are your favourite parts of the writing process? What part are you at right now?

I post new advice and updates on OUTLIERS on Saturdays, so be sure to click “follow” and keep learning more! Please comment below what you think I should blog about next, or ask any questions you might have about writing! 🙂

With all of this in mind, go out and write your masterpiece!

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