5 Tips For Writing the Past

I’ve had a couple people ask me about this one recently, so I thought I would reshare it with you!

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Last week I talked about the future, so I figured that it’s only natural to talk about the past this week. These are my five most important tips for writing the past, so let’s get started!

#1: Do Make The Speech Robotic

I notice this a lot in historical fiction, and it really takes away from the book. Contractions and slang are not new by any means, nor are differences between how individuals speak. English in the past isn’t just a monotone version of English today. It is technically classified as the same language, but when writing, you can consider it another dialect. Think about how different U.S., Canada, and England vary in their use of English today. There are different contractions, slang, and accents, even within these countries. Writing in the past is similar, though depending on how far back you go, there can be many more differences…

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