My 5 Least Favourite Parts of the Writing Process

A little while ago, we talked about my favourite parts of the writing process, so now it’s time for my least favourites! These are in no particular order—let’s dive right in!

#1: Most of Editing

As much as some parts were fun, most of editing was torture. I didn’t mind the content editing as much, but copy/line editing just felt really tedious a lot of the time. My editors were fantastic, and I’ll list their links at the end, but it’s hard to make something like this fun! I binge-edited a lot, too, which probably didn’t help. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product, but I was definitely hoping that some sort of “writing fairies” could come and finish it while I slept!

#2: Before the Launch

The time just before the launch was nerve-wracking! Of course I had a lot of faith in OUTLIERS, but I was nervous to put such a big work of mine into the world! Once the launch came I was ecstatic, but the time before was super anxious.

#3: The First Page

There’s a lot to do on the first page, a lot of pressure. So, naturally, I had to revisit it the most, I was constantly tweaking every detail. It’s hard to know where to begin a story, how to begin it, and sometimes that could be frustrating. I was really happy with how it turned out when I was finished editing, though.

#4: Before Editing

Waiting to begin editing made me antsy. I’d already sent out my manuscript to my editor, so I couldn’t work on it until I got feedback. That time of just having to sit and not do anything for the book killed me. I worked on other projects, including book #2, in the meantime, but it was weird just having to leave it. This waiting time also gave me lots of time to worry about what my editor would say, etc., so overall it just wasn’t a great part of the writing (or not-writing) process for me.

#5: Typing Out Pages I’d Written On Paper

This was SO tedious. If I had an idea, but couldn’t write on my computer, I’d often jot down pages and descriptions on pieces of paper. A lot of these were quite long, sometimes almost full chapters, and I hated having to sit and type them out again. This was one of the reasons I started using Notes more often on my phone for writing, because then I could at least email it to myself and copy/paste. Although, I still do my highly-detailed outlines on paper (I find it easier to compare/track information), it is a long process typing out the first drafts.

In short, the writing process had its ups and its downs, but as completely worth it overall.

My Content Editor: Anya from Touchstone Editing

My Copy/Line Editor and Book Designer: Erin Rhew from Erin Rhew Books

If you want to know more about OUTLIERS, please check out the Q&A, Character Meet & Greet, or the Launch Day Announcement!

Were anything of these your least favourites, too? Were any of these your favourites? Please drop a comment below!

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With all of this in mind, go out and write your masterpiece!



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