5 Star Book Review: In The After

Hey, everybody! Have you read “In The After” by Lunetta yet? You need to if you love dystopian! I’ve raved on social media already, but I think it deserves a blog review! Both this book and it’s sequel are extremely gripping, and at the same time very unique to each other! The characters are real... Continue Reading →

Author Interview Series: S.M. Pearce

I had the pleasure to work with G.J. Stevens on this interview!

GJ Stevens

Today I’m with Canadian S.M. Pearce as we talk about her experience of writing and releasing her debut YA dystopian novel Outliers whilst still at high school.

Firstly many congratulations on publishing. You were sixteen when Outliers went to print, releasing on 25th August this year and you’re still only seventeen now. Your list of interests and activities is as long as your arm, with still being at high school, tutoring your fellow students, blogging, swimming, drawing and painting.

Do you think you’ve had to give up anything because of the amount of work it takes to get a novel released?

I suppose I have, but nothing I’d really regret. Mostly “extras” like T.V. and things like that, although once editing hit there were a couple of months where I didn’t really get out of the house. One thing might be that because I spent so much…

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A Bit Of A Change

Hey, everybody! I’m making a slight change to this blog. I’m still going to post lots of writerly advice and experiences, but I’ve decided to broaden things up a little! I’ll be posting some book reviews I really want to share, doing more writing and reading tags, and overall just adding a bit more variety... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Write Book Reviews

A lot of the time, we don’t think to stop and write a book review when we’ve finished reading—I didn’t use to—but, there are many good reasons to do so! Let’a jump right in and talk about them! They Really Help Authors’ Rankings Reviews are very important for authors! They help boost the rankings of... Continue Reading →

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