How to Set Writing Goals for the New Year (And Actually Follow Through)

Hey, everybody! New Year's is only a couple days away and that means resolutions! Most of us make them,  but how can we actually stick to our writing goals? Here's some tips! #1: Be Specific With Your Goals You don't just want to say, "I'll get lots of writing done this year." That sounds like... Continue Reading →

Winter Is Here Write Tag (OUTLIERS Addition)

Hey, everybody! Christmas is almost here, and I believe I owe you a festive post! I've never done a Holiday writing tag before, so I was super excited to find this one! Thanks to Sophie @ Sophie's Corner for doing the tag (which inspired me to do it myself!) and thanks to Kat @ Life... Continue Reading →

Five Star Book Review: IN THE LURCH

Hello, everybody! I just read "In the Lurch" by Beth Martin recently, and I can't tell you how impressed I am!  Goodreads Description: You've been replaced. Once a machine could do as much work as three men, the labor force was quickly replaced by much more efficient androids. As the number of robots grew, jobs... Continue Reading →

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