Picking A Title For Your Novel

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The title is one of the most crucial things to your book’s success. It can draw readers in, or send them away, so it’s important you choose it carefully. These are the things to keep in mind when deciding the title of your book–the things I most considered when choosing the title for my novel, Outliers.

#1: Meaning

The title needs to mean something to your book. You aren’t going to name your book “Apple”, if it never mentions the fruit once, right? Choose a meaning that reflects your story well. Think about what important words, themes, and symbols are mentioned a lot in your book. For my novel, (to be published this summer!) one of the main reasons I chose the title Outliers, is that an Outlier is a number that stands out, and is often expelled from data. The protagonist and other characters with special abilities…

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5 Ways to Avoid Distractions When Writing

Hello, everybody! One of the biggest complaints I hear about not being able to get writing done is distractions, so that's what we're going to talk about today! Here are some tips to help avoid being distracted and get your work done! #1: Music Now, I'll start by saying that I'm lucky enough to not... Continue Reading →

How to Write Realistic Friendships

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Most good books will feature at least one friendship, if not a few, so it’s important to learn how to write them well. Whether the friendship is your main plot or a sub-plot, it’s important to make it believable. Your audience can’t connect with your characters and relate to their friendship if it’s completely unrealistic. Today, I’ll only be talking about platonic relationships, because romantic chemistry and relationships deserves a post of its own, but some of the tips will still apply. Having said that, let’s get started!


It is important to have your characters share some common interests. You can’t be friends with somebody if you have absolutely nothing to talk about or do together. There should be a reason your characters enjoy each other’s company. These interests can be pretty much anything, from science, to boxing, to a love of certain T.V. shows. This can also…

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