How to Pick a Story Idea

So, you’ve already got loads of ideas, you’re super pumped to write…But, which one? Many writers struggle to choose between their ideas, and then end up writing nothing at all! It’s important to choose and get writing, so here are three questions to help you out!

What’s the Most Developed?

Take a look at your ideas, and identify which one seems to have the most work done. An idea that has paragraphs already written detailing the plot is going to be an easier choice than a half-sentence you jotted down this afternoon. Of course the quality over quantity rule applies, but if you have a bunch of awesome idea candidates, working with the most fleshed out idea first can be a natural way to make your choice!


What is the Audience Appeal?

While the audience shouldn’t completely determine what you write, it is a factor. If you have really obscure and unpopular genre idea it’s going to be harder to sell than a more recognized genre. Lots of people love science fiction, but how many people read alien-werewolf romances? Some ideas just have more potential to reach readers, because there are more readers in the world who like those ideas.


I’m not saying you can never write an alien-werewolf romance, but you might want to consider using a better-known genre, especially if it’s your first book and you already have a smaller audience.

Which One Do You Like Best?

This is your book, and you’re going to be working with it for a long time, so you better actually like it. If you’ve picked an idea just based on a trend or a suggestion from a friend, are you really going to be passionate about it? Are you going to want to write it everyday for months to years?


This is your book. Pick the idea that you love, that you can’t stop thinking about, the one that you daydream about when you’re supposed to be working. You can’t expect readers to love a book that you aren’t in love with, and it’s unlikely you’ll even finish if you aren’t excited about it. Writing can be a painful process at times, but the passion for your book idea will be what drives you to finish it.

Editing was no peach, but I am extremely dedicated to and passionate about OUTLIERS, and that was my light at the end of the tunnel. I had other book ideas once I published OUTLIERS, but I’m in love with the trilogy and I’ve already jumped into writing OUTLIERS: DIVISION. Excitement is key!


In short, picking an idea for your book can be hard, but it’s important to choose what matters to you the most, and also consider what will be easiest to write and market.

What was the deciding factor for your book idea? Do you have any other ways you choose?

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With all of this in mind, go out and write your masterpiece!

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