Easter-Egg Writing Tag

Hey, everybody! To celebrate Easter, I’ve decided to do my own Easter-Egg Writing Tag! I’ll tag anybody who wants to join in on these character questions!


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-tag some other writers (as many as you like)

-let’s keep it clean πŸ™‚

Let’s get started–have fun!

Which Character Believed the Longest? How Long?

This would be Elliot! He isn’t the type to ask to many questions about this sort of thing, and would just enjoy the treats. While Ariana can be naive and excitable, her parents didn’t exactly try to give her great holiday-experiences as a kid.


Which Character Still Goes All-Out on the Egg-Hunt?

I can see Xavier doing this. Not even because he wants the chocolate, (although that wouldn’t hurt) but out of sheer competitiveness. He’d likely challenge one of the other characters, like Renee or Damion, and it would end up a race to see who could get the most!


Which Character Eats the Chocolate for Breakfast?

Honestly, this sounds like a lot of my characters, but I know Renee wouldn’t pass up the chance! She might even convince everyone else to join in–but why wouldn’t they? It’s likely the only reason Renee would enjoy Easter anyway!


Which Character Cooks Dinner? How is it?

This one would be Xavier. He knows how to cook well, since he had to cook for himself often as a kid, and nobody would object to him taking charge of dinner! The meal would be great, and would have a wide variety of flavours/spices for sure!


Who Starts the Turkey VS Ham for Dinner Fight? Who Wins?

This sounds like a battle between Renee and Damion, though it’s tough to say who would start it. Probably Renee. The two of them are more than stubborn, so as for who would win…I think it would either end in a food-fight or cooking both!


Which Character Does Shopping the Night Before?

This sounds like Thalia! She isn’t over-the-top excited for the holiday, and is definitely a procrastinator about it! She’d likely end up in a rush to get everything together, if she was entrusted with getting things in the first place!


Who Is Most Excited for the Holiday?

Hands down Ariana. She would be super excited to do an egg-hunt, as well as to have everybody together for a meal! She would be the one who goes overboard with decorations, baking, and wearing exclusively Easter colours. Ariana loves to celebrate whenever there’s occasion, and would have enough enthusiasm for the whole group!


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post, and I encourage you to participate with your characters!

Happy Easter! Are you doing an egg-hunt? Do you have any fun Easter traditions, or other spring holidays you celebrate?


Let me know what I should blog about next in the comments or contact me via social media πŸ™‚ I post new content on Saturdays, so please be sure to follow and stay up to date!









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