Top 5 Types of Villains

Hey, everybody! A villain can often be what makes a story enjoyable and memorable, so today I’ll be talking about my favourite types of villains! Let’s get to it!


A betrayal by someone close to the hero can create an excellent and hated villain. The fight is personal and we loathe the villain for stabbing our MC in the back! These types of villains make me root for the protagonist that much more.


A good example of this one would be (SPOILER here for IN THE AFTER) Amber from the IN THE AFTER duology. She lived with and became part of our MC Amy’s little family, but acted out of cowardice in the end and betrayed Amy to the pillaging-gang she used to be part of.


If you’ve read OUTLIERS, you know I love a good societal villain. When a protagonist is forced to confront their own society or government, the stakes are high and the villain can seem impossible to beat. I also feel that it leaves the potential for interesting parallels with our own society, and inspires action in our real lives.


I like a book that is relevant to my life and connects with current issues, and I think a society type villain is a great way to highlight  themes we face in reality, such as corruption, discrimination, or environmental challenges.


I’m such a sucker for this kind of villain. They know they are bad. They flaunt their villainy. They tease the MC and make jokes, all while doing their evil-plan. Every walk is a saunter.


These villains are fantastic, and you know you should want the hero to defeat them…But it’s so much more fun when they are present. They are the villains we love to hate, and they often are the best part of the story!

Could-Have-Been Hero

These villains often draw parallels with the hero, and show what the hero could have become on another, darker path. Both characters had the potential to be great, but made different choices, went down different paths. This is great because you get to see what makes the protagonist strong and you know there’s a risk of them turning to the dark side, too.



This villain is ruthless. They love destruction and will take down anyone in their way. While they aren’t super three dimensional, they can be super terrifying, and you know they will stop at nothing to crush the MC.


A villain (SPOILER here for the RULE OF THREE trilogy) I thought was excellent at this role was Brett from the RULE OF THREE. The arc from somewhat ally to villain was fantastic, and he is honestly one of my favourite villains of all time. Brutal and dangerously tactical, he really set of anger and loathing for both the MC Adam, and for readers like myself!

What are some of your favourite villains? Are there any other tropes you like?

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With all of this in mind, go out and write your masterpiece!


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  1. Hi BCB,

    Great post. There are so many three-dimensional villains that stand out. Ben from lost. The Mummy, Imoteth. Remember the scene when he was left to die by his lover when the hero’s woman saved him. He just pitfully called her name and fell to his death. When a villian like Harry Osborn gets his friend Peter Parker back is a great moment.

    Do you follow our podcast, Neekology 101? We have an episode coming out called, The Eighhhs of Sauron that talks about how villains bring out the best in heroes. I think you might like it.

    Thank you,


    On Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 6:39 PM Brain Clutter Blogs wrote:

    > brainclutterblogs posted: “Hey, everybody! A villain can often be what > makes a story enjoyable and memorable, so today we’ll be talking about the > best types of villains! Let’s get to it! Betrayal A betrayal by someone > close to the hero can create an excellent and hated villain. The” >

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    1. Hi,

      Thanks so much for reading 🙂 Ben from LOST is one of my absolute favourites – his arc was super intriguing! Your podcast sounds right up my alley, too! Where is it available?


      Brain Clutter Blogs


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