Best 5 Types of Heros

Last week we talked about our favourite villains, now it’s time to get into what makes a great hero! Here are some of my favourite types of heros!


Anti-heros are a special, rebellious kind of hero. Their characters may be sympathetic to us, but can be immoral in their society’s point of view. Maybe they are seen as a dangerous vigilante, or are on the run from the law, but they are usually fighting against what they believe is wrong in society.


I love a good anti-hero! We get some of the fun of a great villain, and still get to root for the character. Lots of sarcasm, witty banter, and action-packed fights? Sign me up any day! While their motives might not always be the purest–or their means of achieving them–they are entertaining for sure!

Some of my favourites to watch are Jessica Jones and Joe from the T.V. show You (though he’s more of a sympathetic villain)


The underdog isn’t super powerful, rich, or expected to win much in life. And that’s exactly why we end up wanting them to win. They work hard to overcome their obstacles, and it feels earned when they succeed.


I’m a sucker for an underdog story. Whether its misfits banding together for a musical competition, or a protagonist struggling to overcome adversity and defeat the villain, I’m there!

Some of my favourites are Bea from Breathe by Sarah Crossan and the group from the movie Bandslam.

Tragic Hero

A tragic hero is deeply flawed, and never succeeds as a result. They battle with themselves and their flaw drags them down. Often they have charisma, as well as a passion for the good and just, but it’s just not enough to stop their downfall.


Tragic hero stories are always interesting for me. I think it can be a good insight into what can defeat us, despite the best of intentions, and often emphasizes the need for a better understanding of ourselves.

I read Hamlet for the first time this year, and it is easily the favourite out of the Shakespeare plays I’ve read.


This character takes charge and has an active role in the plot. They have ideas, agency, and aren’t afraid to lead a cause they care about. While they may have a mentor-figure kicking around sometimes, they still make tough decisions and show courage when they are needed.


A good leader is inspiring, and I like to read about protagonists that are super active in the story. The leader faces more challenges that they must overcome, and also have other people relying on them, which makes the stakes feel higher (and the reward greater when they win).

Reluctant Hero

They would much rather be sitting at home with a bag of chips and bingeing Netflix, but nobody else can save the world, so looks like it’s up to them. They didn’t ask for superpowers, or to suddenly become King (looking at Simba here), but they can’t just let everyone suffer.


These heroes are a lot of fun, even if they aren’t having any. I find at times that the breaking points or mistakes they make are richer than a hero who signed up for it all, because they never pretend to know what they are doing and it was never a burden they brought upon themselves. We feel for their fear and discomfort.


Some of my favourites are Hope Walton from Into the Dim, Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, and Allie from the new T.V. show The Society.

Overall, there are lots of interesting ways to craft a hero and make them amazing to read!


What are some of your favourite types of heroes? Who are some of your favourite heroes?

If you’d like to read about a tough heroine that falls into a few of these categories, my girl Renee Stryker is right up your alley! Meet her and other characters from OUTLIERS here, and check out links to purchase this awesome (if I do say so, myself) YA dystopian/sci-fi here 😉

Happy reading ad writing, everyone!

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  1. I’m a sucker for a good reluctant hero! Bilbo Baggins is of course a favorite – Arthur Dent comes to mind as well, although it might just be because they’re both played by Martin Freeman in the movie adaptations, and Martin Freeman is excellent as the reluctant hero. I always love a good anti-hero, too!

    I know there’s not usually much overlap between the leader and the tragic hero (the leader usually gets a happy ending), but I think leader heroes are another type of hero that can be given to strong flaws? And it might just be because they have such a need to be in control/decisive/strong/whatever that it leads them to sometimes make really horrible decisions because they just need to make *a* decision and it can so easily be the wrong one.


    1. I love Martin Freeman’s roles! He’s excellent in SHERLOCK, too!

      Definitely agree about the leaders – making decisions can be overwhelming when there’s high stakes, and it can be easy to make mistakes! I find a lot of interesting villains and antagonists also start out as leaders that fail to overcome the stress of power!

      Thanks so much for reading! 😊

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  2. Hi BCB,

    I love when a villian or an anto-hero gets redeemed. Deadpool 2 did have a softer mote caring Wade. Ron Weasley. I like that Harry and Peter Parker were friends again before the end. Love your character breakdowns.



    On Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 5:08 AM Brain Clutter Blogs wrote:

    > brainclutterblogs posted: “Last week we talked about our favourite > villains, now it’s time to get into what makes a great hero! Here are some > of my favourite types of heros! Anti-Hero Anti-heros are a special, > rebellious kind of hero. Their characters may be sympathetic to us, but ” >

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