How to be a More Sustainable Writer

Last week we talked about how to live more sustainably as a reader, so today we’re going to touch on ways you can do that as a writer! Little steps make a big difference, so let’s get into the small changes we can all make as writers!

Go Digital Wherever Possible

So, I know I mentioned before about going digital with reading if that works for you, but that also applies to writing. While I don’t do as much electronic reading as I’d like, I try to do a lot of my writing digitally.


It’s not just that it saves paper, either–I’m awful for losing things. I had to write the starting chapters of the first draft for OUTLIERS: DIVISION all on paper because of the issues with my wrists, and even though I keep everything in a binder I can’t tell you how many papers have managed to go missing. I’m much happier now writing chapters and notes for my first draft on Docs, because I know there’s no way it can go missing.


And I’m not saying that it has to be 100% digital or why bother. Any amount of waste you can reduce is great. Personally, when I have really rough or complex ideas I still like to organize my thoughts on paper first, but I write digitally where I can, and that’s the idea.

Notebooks & Pens

We writers sure do love our notebooks and pens…But don’t quit on me yet! There are ways to reduce waste and still enjoy these things.


One thing you can do is reduce the amount of things you buy, and opt for quality over quantity. Save up  for a really nice notebook, instead of grabbing five from the Dollar Store on impulse. Have a couple really good pens that you’ll value and want to keep track of. You can enjoy notebooks, pens, and other writerly things, but just try and make sure you value them and take care of them, rather than buying new ones all the time.


Another great thing you can do is look for second-hand items when possible. But how do you get a second-hand notebook or pen that you can actually use? I hadn’t thought of it, either until I discovered Bunz. It’s an app that let’s people trade items they have with others nearby, and there’s lots of awesome stuff up for trade. You can get cute, unused notebooks without spending any money at all! I did my first trade on Bunz for a notebook I absolutely love, which you can check out on my instagram @smpearceauthor 🙂


I’d also check around the house, and make sure there aren’t any things you’ve forgotten about. I know it sounds silly, but I found a lot of pens and a couple good notebooks recently that had been stashed in my closet and forgotten about.

Have Ebook Options Available

It’s always a good idea when you publish something to make an electronic version available to readers that enjoy that medium. While I’m not saying to avoid paper copies altogether (I personally prefer them, and it’s a magical feeling to hold your own book) it’s good to have an option for readers that want to read electronically.


Ebooks are more sustainable, and they also don’t cost you printing if you’re self-published, so having some available is a win-win!


In short, there’s lots you can do as a writer to reduce your waste without having to change too much!

What are some ways you try to reduce waste as a writer?


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If you’re like YA dystopian and want a read with environmental themes, be sure to check out a certain book called OUTLIERS 😉

With all of this in mind, go out and write your masterpiece!



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  1. Hi BCB,

    Great tools to get writing out there. Hope you are getting good responses on your work.



    On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 5:10 AM Brain Clutter Blogs wrote:

    > brainclutterblogs posted: “Last week we talked about how to live more > sustainably as a reader, so today we’re going to touch on ways you can do > that as a writer! Little steps make a big difference, so let’s get into the > small changes we can all make as writers! Go Digital Wherever ” >


  2. For me, what I have on paper is a collection of sketches (I can’t draw digitally) and some notes of which I’ve written some down on my PC as well (and I can always recycle the paper because there’s a recycle bin right next to my door). I also don’t have a thing to hoard stuff so hoarding pens and notebooks is not my thing.
    As for the ‘final step’, I actually plan to release the e-book a few months ahead of the paperback, for a single practical reason: if someone reports a major typo or formatting issue in the e-book, I can fix it easily, while it’s not as easy with a paperback – so the delayed launch would allow me to fix those issues before the printed version comes to be.


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