Who Is S.M. Pearce?

I am the author behind the YA science-fiction novel, Outliers. I just graduated secondary school, though I have done much more learning about writing online through articles, blogs, and vlogs.

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I pride myself on my academic work and dedicate much of my time to my studies, as well as artistic endeavors. I dream to become both a successful author and architect, and give those two goals almost all of my focus. I also tutor younger students in math, French, and English during the school-year, from the second grade to the tenth. I am bilingual as well, with English as my first language and French as my second.

It has taken me around four years to finally get Outliers into the world, and I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but I have learned from them, and I want to help other writers learn from them, too.

Though I have only been serious about my writing for a few years, I have been an avid reader my whole life. I read a wide variety of genres, some of my favourites being dystopian, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. I’ll read almost anything I can get my hands on, which makes walking into a bookstore dangerous for my wallet!

Some of my favourite authors include Eric Walters, Jodi Picoult, Demetria Lunetta, Katie Alender, and Emmy Laybourne.

Apart from writing, I like to do all kinds of art, whether it be drawing, spray-painting, or making projects out of metal. I doubt I could live without music for a day and I have fun doing karaoke nights with my family. I love to look at and read about beautiful architecture, from the old Victorian buildings, to the sustainable, modern ones.

I live in Ontario, Canada with my parents, little brother, and dog. I have always lived in Ontario, but have done a bit of traveling both in and out of country. I’m moving to Ireland to study architecture at Queens University Belfast University this fall, and hope to keep seeing more of the world as I get older and experience new landscapes and cultures.

Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram  @smpearceauthor