My 5 Favourite Parts of the Writing Process

Hey, everybody! Now that OUTLIERS is out, I wanted to share my top five favourite parts of the writing process! These are in no particular order—let’s get started! #1: Outlining Yes, yes, I know. Cue the gasps of shock and disbelief. But, I actually love outlining. It really gets me excited about all my ideas... Continue Reading →

Why It’s Important For Writers To Go Outside

Hey, everybody! As this is posted, I am currently on vacation in Greece, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about the importance of gaining life experiences for writers. Before we start though, just a quick reminder that the cover reveal and pre-sale giveaways for OUTLIERS will be running until August... Continue Reading →

Character Creation & Development

Characters should be three dimensional for the most part. If they are significant at all, then you need to take the time to develop them into real people. There should be more to them than just stock personalities/groups. Sure, you could write the stereotypical 'jock' as your antagonist, with nothing more to them than being... Continue Reading →


Subplots are plots in a story that are separate from the main plot. They add character development and get the reader more invested in the story. Subplots are what can make your readers cry like babies, or punch the air in victory. Relatability Subplots give the reader more connection to the story and characters because... Continue Reading →


Dialogue is an extremely important aspect of your story. In general, it should usually take up about half of your book. It provides needed white-space for readers, which gives their eyes a break and helps to keep them reading. It should move the plot forward or develop character (don't use filler). The main thing to... Continue Reading →

Underwriters: Raising Word-count

I have noticed that most people seem to be over-writers. Being an under-writer myself, I always found it hard to find posts on raising word-count rather than lowering it. Now, after digging through the web for some advice and doing a lot of work on my own, I've more than doubled my word-count for my... Continue Reading →

Teen Writers

It can be hard to be a writer in your teens, but you can’t let your age limit you. You will have some challenges most writers don’t have. You will also have some advantages, too. This is some advice based on the lessons I’ve learned as a teenaged writer.  Be Your Own Motivation Not only... Continue Reading →

Physical Description

Writers tend to vary in their use of physical description, especially concerning how much to use. Some writers like to use little physical description, usually because they want the readers to be able to imagine the characters the way they want. Myself, I like to use a good amount of description, because I like being... Continue Reading →

Using Word-count

It took me awhile to even start tracking my word-count. I heard writers talking about it online, but never saw the point; there was a page-count at the bottom of my screen. What was the point in word-count? Why did all the writers use it?  I did some research and now find it hard to... Continue Reading →

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