Hey, everybody! Now that OUTLIERS is getting so close to its release, I figured it's time you get better introduced to the main characters! I'll be telling you a bit about the three, and including teaser quotes for each! Renee You guys already know Renee a bit from the Q & A! Renee is the protagonist in... Continue Reading →

I’m Publishing My Book! OUTLIERS Q & A

Hey, everybody! As many of you probably know, I'm publishing my novel, Outliers this summer! Today, I'm excited to answer a lot of the question people have been asking me about Outliers, so let's get to it! What is Outliers About? Outliers follows a teenage girl named Renee, as she and her friends are forced into hiding by the Takers. The... Continue Reading →

5 Tips For Writing the Future

Writing stories set in the future can be complicated, and you have to make sure you've done enough world-building. My novel, Outliers, (to be published this summer) is set a couple hundred years in the future, and a lot of the books I read are set in the near or distant future, so I was especially... Continue Reading →

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